artist bio

Pourtensious Lighting is the functional sculpture of artist/architect Eric M. Sternfels. Simple gravity animates a twist of electrical wire and chain to become a pouring liquid in the viewer’s mind.....a delightful trompe l’oeil! Beyond this satisfying whimsy, the careful composition of vintage components gives each fixture a unique personality.


The artist who creates these clever pieces, seeks not just to amuse those who see his work, but to steer focus onto the handsome form and design of the everyday vessels of bygone days. Orphaned cups and kettles, percolators and plates are joined into harmonious tableaus of American domesticity. The results are curiously both classic and funky. The lighting is at home in both traditional and contemporary spaces.


Mr. Sternfels’ artistic education expanded to a Masters degree in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. Here, he refined his design skills and developed his historical perspective on patterns and styles. In Eric’s view, the making of Architecture like his collages and light sculptures requires the skillful blending of carefully selected components into compositions that delight and satisfy us.


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