artist bio

Terry Fox - Woodturner.

Born and raised in England, Terry has lived in the United States for more than forty years, the last thirty in the Philadelphia area. Until his recent retirement he worked in various engineering and management functions in the aerospace industry. Terry learned the pleasure and satisfaction of working with his hands from his father, who was willing to try any kind of do-it-yourself craft, from home remodeling to furniture making, rug-making to blacksmithing. A love of nature comes from his mother, an avid gardener.

Terry has been turning wood for five years and hopes to develop his craft further now that retirement provides him with more time. Woodturning is different from many art forms because it doesn’t start with a blank canvas or piece of clay. Instead the ‘raw material’ already contains the finished piece. The woodturner starts with a piece of wood, complete with grain, color, flaws, decay or insect damage, and tries to expose its inner beauty in the most pleasing way. Terry works almost exclusively with local species of already downed wood and gets great satisfaction from creating art pieces or functional craft items from wood rescued from the land-fill or the firewood pile.


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