artist bio

Suzanne Kent began studying pottery 35 years ago at West Chester University while completing a Masters Degree in education. She has also studied pottery at many craft schools in the United States and Mexico. For the past 25 years she has been a fulltime studio potter in West Chester, PA making utilitarian pottery fired in wood, gas and electric kilns. Kent teaches pottery at Chester Springs Studio and is a member of the Wallingford Potters Guild.

"I enjoy making pots that can be used in the daily rhythm of life. Whether it is a teapot for one or a platter that may serve several dozen guests, pottery can contribute to enjoyment, pleasure reflexion and celebration. Sometimes it is not until a pot is brought home that a multitude of uses are revealed. Slowly as each pot is integrated into the life and activity of its owners, new and often surprising uses may be discovered. Even a casserole that has a broken lid may suddenly become an open baking dish or a salad bowl. The transformations can be endless as the biography of a pot progresses through time. Pottery can be a perfect wedding gift as two people begin a shared journey together as a couple or in celebration with friendships and family."


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